“No-No” posts are all about what “I” see wrong… what “I” do not like… What “I” do not agree with… basically what “I” see as a No-No! You see where I’m going with this? So please if you do not agree with me you can say it in the comments without snapping out and without calling me names.

I am entitled to my own opinion, and so are you. Lets not make a BIG deal out of nothing! Otherwise, I may have to change the visibilty of my No-No posts and make’em password protected… or maybe I wont allow comment!

Chill Pill

32 responses to “Disclaimer

  1. Ansam, honestly dear.. you do NOT have to justify yourself, this is YOUR blog! If someone has a problem with your posts, they should just buzz off… You Rock girl !!

    • Nofers :-* Not justifying myself… but I really wanna avoid the kind of silly comments!!! Mali khelg hate mail hahaha. Thank you (I miss you)

  2. oh, I forgot.. mean people are just insecure individuals 😉

  3. hehehe e walah take a chill pill!

    some ppl realy mayetgblon raay a7ad :p

  4. i’ve read your last no no post heeh that was a blast sorry no offense but yeah i do agree with you the no no post is all about you 😉

  5. there is a guy who commented only twice in my blog and in those 2 times he was instructing me how to run my blog the way he sees it right coz to him its a silly blog !!!! Get ur own blog and post whatever u like.
    and if mine is a silly blog, i will be more than happy if u don’t visit my silly blog.
    Some people just don’t get it.

  6. No passwords please!!! Can’t you just strictly moderate the comments?

  7. malch shghl ib hatha soud ma adree sa’ad ma adree sheno esma , la t’6aygeen 5lgch 3alshana o t3a9been 🙂 ya3ny hatha raych ,o ilwa7ed lazm y7trm ray ilthany! ily mo 3ajba ur blog fee 1000 blogs yt7al6am o ytfalsaf 3aleehom!!!

  8. Dear Ansam, you are the master of your own blog and if someone doesn’t like it they can take a hike. You also have the option to delete unwanted comments so no worries. 🙂

    ps.. no passwords pls , I’m too lazy for that 😛

  9. I LOVE ur No-No posts 3ad ! plz don’t make ’em password protected !

  10. wala emlagena wayh yewaliii

  11. your post, your rules

  12. Your blog your rules! oo nas fathya really. I see nothing wrong with your No No’s … those who find a problem with it are total losers! because they don’t understand what blogging is all about 😉

  13. Your paying for the Domain, your free to say whatever your heart desires.
    It’s simple, so all of those haters:
    if you want to hate then get out the way, but if you want to read then, let lovely Ansam518 demonstrate her magic 🙂

  14. Plz wana say “no no” to password protection..
    we like your blog thats why we check it.

  15. No passwords please!

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