I hate (HATE) to see men out in their Sleeping/Home dishdasha! BIG No-No!

It annoys me so much… even if they were only driving in the car wearing it, dropping their kids at school, or outside their houses!

I have NEVER seen my dad receiving guests (no matter how close of friends they are or family members) wearing it unless he’s caught by surprise!

Home Dishdasha

63 responses to “No-No!

  1. I’ve seen people wear those while watering their gardens or something, but not outside further than that.

  2. ive seen them on edgwar road london lol sij hailag

  3. come on guys it only takes a minute to change into the “formal” deshdasha!! I will never understand those ppl .. I know the feeling when you are in a hurry and have to go somewhere near but not in the mood to pick and choose, just wear jeans and a blouse and that’s it! NEVER EVER go out dressed like this!

  4. If my memory serves me right when I first came to Kuwait back in 86, most women also wore their house dress with an abaya thrown over it out. But not anymore!

    • Abaya to begin with is a cover, and I think you are referring to Kaftans not PJs… now I am only talking about Kuwait here, but back when I was in the States (which is still ONGOING)… students would come to college in their flannel PJs bottoms or boxers which also annoyed me! In general, I do not like people to go out in their PJs1!!

  5. where is that any way ?
    was it in a hospital ? 7ram , maybe it was an emergency !!!

    • The person who sent me the pic said it was 3adi he came in driving… o ga3ad yesoolif bel mobile 10-20 mins o ba3dain dash el mostashfa! So I dont consider this as an emergency πŸ˜‰

  6. sa7 its disgusting to see ppl in their deshdasha in public places , though , I partially agree with noora ymkin mest3yeeel and he’s in emergency !

  7. lol so now you’re covering men’s fashion as well. Maybe he’s just being comfortable πŸ˜›

  8. i wont mind it if they went to the baqala near their house to get something.. but not getting down anywhere..

    it sometimes shows how lazy a person can be..

  9. oow he’s wearing a mask:)

  10. ma nabi nathlem elrayyal methal ma qalat nora bs fe wayed nas ana shift belma6ar yay yedfa3 mukalamat!!

  11. 7aadaaa Nooooooooooooooooooooo !!!!
    oO shda3waaa ya3ny etha mako wakt latf9a5haa ya3ny ylbs eldeshdaashaa fog hathy elmgaalemaa ely et7er !! ely ray7 eljam3ya wela el5abaz wain msta3yl 7adaaaa faa’9y !!!!

  12. meh …… The only time ever wear dishdasha is when at home …..

  13. typical kuwaiti, intay shako feh uhwa shlabis wela shmu labes? you should mind your own business.. mu 3ajbich libsa dont look at him.. I dont even have a PJ dishdasha but I still think ina it is his own choice ou intay malich shighil it3alqeen.. ashoof tithayegain wayeed lamma wa7ed yigool ” bnaya without niqab is a No-No to me” ou tig3edoon itgouloon shal mit5allif.. hypocrites ..

    • FYI this blog is about ME! Yes I hate to see men going out in their sleeping dishdasha! And yes it annoys me… if it doesnt annoy you or if you do not find it wrong… then dont come here and say all this to me πŸ™‚ My whole point of the No-No posts is to write and post pictures of things that I, ANSAM, do not see right or agree with… I think I am entitled to that. I am not forcing anyone to agree with me on any of them!!! If a guy considers a girl without niqab as a “No-No” he is also entitled to his own opinion… even if I dont agree with him!!

  14. ohhhh somebody just snapped πŸ˜›

  15. A NO-NO for me too!
    Atleast in this pic, this one is decent… Thr r ppl in worse PJs

  16. This is a 100% No-No, btw i think back in the 60s and 70s .. it was okay to go out wearing PJ dishdasha! but madre mta they forbid it!

    Saud .. Please dont try to teach us what should we look at and what we should ignore! there is something called “Thouq 3am”! w everyone have to respect that! if he going out in public places with his PJ .. b3d cham yom we will see guys 6al3en with boxers! everyone have the freedom to wear and do whatever they want in their own area! when i go out .. i have to respect the ppl around me and respect “elthoug el 3am” ..

  17. fee adab o thooq 3aaam o e7teraam o el lebs awal shay eybayyin akhlaq el sh3oob o ta7athurhum.. dishdashat bait 7ag el bait . bas shetgooleen .. lel asaf fee nas o lel asaf ummahat o ubbbahat eyrawoon 3yalhum el shay el ghala6 wala eyhemhum .. mathalan oboo ye6la3 eb bejamta eyroo7 el jam3eya .. um taakil 7ab o etttafel min el dereesha … oboo eyba66el bab el sayyara o eyge6 kleenex o gowa6ee pepsi.. shay yeq-har o eythayeg.. bas 6ab3an ma eythayeg ella el nas elli ey3rfoon el ossool..

    • I agree with you. And I have other posts for “No-No” pictures that includes trash and parking… I will post about them soon, bas alla yehadaah laish 3assab 3alay chithi!! Al7een ana monafiqa 3ashan gelt ma7eb rayyal ye6la3 eb dishdashat noom!!!

  18. LOOOOL Saud is so upset. Maybe he is the guy in the dishdasha in the picture above…. CHILLL DUDE! Ansam ma ghla6at eshfeeek ma’7eth almawthoo3 eb 7asaseyah zayda chithi

    • Yeah… he needs to chill. I dont know whats got into him. If I am not mistaken, the guy used to comment on my old blog and he was never like that!! What happened! I just expressed my opinion… MY… MINE!!

  19. ansam entay typical ensana metrabya o et3rf el ossool in a universal standard 3ashan chethee ma ya3jebech hal shay o hatha mawthoo3 neqaash kel shakhs eyshoof methel hal manthar …

  20. ansam, i love this line ” o khalane hypocrite o madre aish ” LOOOOOOOL !!

    Girl, just do the “I dont see you” hair flip and Voila !! all gone πŸ˜›

  21. Dunno why but the ga7fiya annoyed me even more… if he was too lazy why did he bother to wear it? Does he feel emasculated if he was seen without it?

    Just a thought…

    And by the way… Saud, to each his own. No need for lynching.

    • I know… this look is not to be seen outside HIS home! I dont why people are attacking me this much for my No-No post! I mean well by them!! I have some more lined up… so alla yaster hehehe

  22. Don’t stop… seriously you are doing a badly needed community service.

    Kuwait’s general taste is going down the drains and you are fighting a noble war.

    Expect some haters to come along but you know… sticks and stones and all that πŸ™‚

    • Thank you for your kind words πŸ™‚ As long as I have people like you on my back, who are also open minded and see this as a way to inform… I wont stop! Stay tuned hehehe

  23. hatha ghair deeennna el islam elli amarna bel lebs el mu7taram el 7ulo el tharb wel ree7a el 6ayba wel nathafa o 3allamna el ossool o e7teram el naas wel mujtama3 wel thooq .. ana ka mara muslima ya7rejni methel hal tassarrof sara7a .. ma3a efteraath enna mareeth o ta3ban bas kaho wagef ya3ni ge6 3laik dishdasha thania .. walla ana ashoofhum bel jam3eya yetmashoon chethee.. manthar ghair la’eq bel marra .. o 3al afekra ohwa nafsa elli eydakhen jedam 3yalah o eyge6 gowa6i el pepsi min el sayyara .. o murta ehee um 7ab lel asaf.

  24. See ansam ?? even the wise mi7sin is with you.

    Khalas your in a win win cause πŸ˜› oh and gimme that hair flip maneuver GUURL πŸ˜›

  25. I totallllyyyy agree with you,
    and if he think that this is ok with him then he won’t mind his sister/wife mother to do the same i mean go out wearing PJs. It is a no no no no i really hate it when people start acting lazy
    o Believe me if they have a sense of respect towards others they would have never done that

  26. I know! I don’t understand whats so hard about wearing your regular white dishdasha!

    I hate even more when you are traveling!

  27. Ansam, you just made my day!

  28. tawne astw3eb ina hatha ur blog πŸ˜›

    and yes they PISS ME OFF

  29. I never snapped at u hun! 😦
    I said I too hate seeing men out in their PJs!

  30. it’s not about “7oreya sha59eya” law kan labes orange t-shirt o pink trousers we wouldn’t mind kaifa,,, but we would have the same reaction law some1 wearing a wedding gown to a mall or shorts to work .. kil mokan lah lebsa !

  31. How do these people find their way back home?

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