I am having fun eating out of plates I made from Color Me Mine!

Thats my watermelon plate…

Watermelon Plate & Fruit

And thats Kiwi 😉

Kiwi plate & fruit

My Kiwi Plate

23 responses to “Fruit-esque

  1. really nice

  2. bel3afya 😉
    and the plates are really cool mashallah 😀

  3. walah 7adaaaaaaa 3jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb 😀

    so cool plates 😀

  4. Somsom… I love the idea and the design! make a couple for me 🙂 pleeeeeaaaaase :***

  5. u r really into the art of food..
    to u, food is not only a meal .. but an inspiration and joy.
    i am lucky to read ur post coz i love whatever u do

  6. Very nice plates I felt like doing some for me ,I never did it only my kids ,but the colors doesn’t fade by washing ?

  7. Very nice Ansam. So what’s going to be for Ramadan? A Tashreeba plate and a Harees Plate 😉 I think I will try and make something, not as good as your I’m sure of that 🙂

  8. *stares at the watermelons on that plate*
    You cut them so neatly, the plate is nice and totally suits the watermelons too..

    I’m gonna boycott all sorts of sugar for cham yom ’til my sugar level is extremely low, then visit you to have some of that!

  9. Mashallah sh7lat’hom .. bass etha el7een 3’ssaltah ib9aboon ou fraktah , ma yroo7 illoun ?

  10. very well done… the plates came out very nice. how are you? color me mine misses u… I wanna inform you that this upcoming Ramadan, we are going to give special discounts. For the first two weeks, paint fee is free. All you have to pay is the ceramic. That’s awesome, right? So be there! Im looking forward to see again and your friends. Bye!

    • I am fine… and I miss Color Me Mine too… just been busy! I wanna pass by SOOOOON! Cool I will post that on the blog, thank you Joy 😉

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