As received by email!

The first part of this No-No! post is actually a Yes-Yes…

Yes to simplicity in makeup, accessories, and hair…
AlRai TV - Halima Boland Interview Turkish Cast

AlRai TV - Halima Boland Interview Turkish Cast

They were both interviewed by……

AlRai TV - Halima Boland Interview Turkish Cast

Which is the No-No! part of this post!

She can use a tip or two (or 100s) from Kandee!!!

Thanks Q8Yummy 😉

34 responses to “No-No!

  1. OMG !! Elvira the mistress of darkness is an Arab ?

  2. I didn’t have to click to see the picture. I have been scarred for life when I saw snippets of the show on TV. Wai3! Seriously.

    Oh and someone wrote about how disturbing her appearance was the next day in Al-Qabas newspaper.

  3. hahahahahahahah!!!! Ansam I know my day will be good now!
    Thanks for this post…hahahahaha!!!!
    I have nothing to comment about… I totally agree with you about the Yes Yes part 🙂

  4. Yes! I’ve seen this pictures … anti-7alema people will be very happy !

  5. I wouldn’t dare to stare at that third pic..OMG ! eyes eyes .. NO NO !

  6. She looks like a Witch… I cant believe ppl actully think shes Hot EWWW

  7. Keep those posts coming… you are doing a public service in shaming them.

    And for that we thank you.

  8. *screams & runs for her life* !! seriously vampire much ! S.C.A.R.Y !

  9. Sakkinhom misakinhom !

  10. waaaaay poor girl maskeena maskeeena

  11. ehya 7elwa
    bs mako taste la bel make up wala bel ellebs

    hehehe bs 5osh lq6a;p

  12. a serious WTF moment…!

  13. I havent seen the interview but I’ve read the articles that covered the event ! Wish I could say that I feel sorry for her .. but seriously what was she thinking .. not only she looked dumb she also sounded even dumber !! haha she herselt made a version of “the dumb and dumber” !!:P

  14. hahaha wala i jumped of my chair !!! shino hatha ?!!! estaghfraaalaah

  15. R u Serious loooooooooooooooool

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