Dramatic Chipmunk

This is old…. but I have no idea why I find this jaw dropping funny! Silly me 😛


My sister and I got addicted to it some long time ago… it crossed my mind again today and I have found edited remixes of that dramatic chipmunk… I’m gonna share some with you

Darthmatic Chipmunk


File Sharing Dramatic Chipmunk


Terminator Dramatic Chipmunk


Joker Dramatic Chipmunk


Okay okay! ENOUGH! heehee 😛

16 responses to “Dramatic Chipmunk

  1. Lol… elnathra elqatela!!!
    Silly! 🙂

  2. OK, that looked like Dr Evil .. scary though 😛

  3. Hahaha yeah I remember when these clips first came out. LOL!

    Actually this post is good timing because last week a woman in England was attacked by a vicious Siberian chipmunk in her garden ! (sounds ridiculous I know, but its true!)

  4. LOL ! I never get tired of it ! 😀

  5. Here is the link !


    Apparently Northern France is overrun with these critters !

  6. Now I’m addicted too and can’t stop laughing!!!…thanks alot!! =@

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