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Beef Stew With Fresh Veggies

Beef Stew with Fresh Veggies! Take out the beef if you are vegetarian. I added Uncle Ben’s wild rice too 😉


Beef Stew with Fresh Veggies + Wild Rice


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Land Rover – S1 Rugged Device

Sonim Technologies announced that it has partnered with Land Rover, the British manufacturer of all-terrain vehicles, in order to bring us new rugged mobile phones.

Land Rover S1

S1 come in a protective case made from XENOY, which is “a revolutionary post-consumer plastic derived mostly from Continue reading

Wash Away ;-)

With all the dust we’re getting, and no matter how much you try and “seal” your car… dust will find its way in!! Now I usually take my car to Mansouriya gas station, they are awesome…. only problem is that its always crowded and I have to wait a while for my turn… So why not do it from the comfort of my home? Pamper my car a bit 😉

Fadi, a friend of mine, invited me to a group on facebook called Washaway, a home service for car cleaning and washing. Interesting group and brilliant idea!


I have finally decided to call them and schedule an appointment to clean my car. The first time they were late and I canceled! I was upset and told my friend Fadi about it… who in return called the owner!

Later, the owner himself called and apologized and scheduled and appointment for me… That was really nice of him to do so!!! I was looking forward to try their service and have my car cleaned… mainly from the inside… its been almost 3 weeks since I have last done the inside cleaning… so check my car’s inside before they started… Continue reading

Solar Eclipse Shrouds Asia In Daytime Darkness

India Asia Eclipse

A total solar eclipse is seen in Varanasi, India, Wednesday, July 22, 2009. The longest solar eclipse of the 21st century pitched a swath of Asia from India to China into near darkness Wednesday as millions gathered to watch the phenomenon.

Too bad we will miss it here in Kuwait!!


Best Compliments I Got (Ansam’s Kitchen)

Such one-liners DO make my day… or even week! I love’em all… but the below are just some examples of the ones that I still remember and still makes me laugh!

Let me brag… let me do my victory dance…. hahaha. Here goes my favorite compliments;

More On “Ansam’s Kitchen” Recipes

I am so happy when members at Ansam’s Kitchen try my recipes and send me pictures of their dishes! I have posted a couple of pictures last time, and I am going to do that again today 😉

Monica tried my Baked Monte Cristo and I snapped a picture of her minis! They tasted so good 🙂

Monica's Baked Monte Cristo

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Well Done Kuwait Scuba Team!

I love it when I read such news in Kuwait!

Kuwait Scientific Club (KSC) released Sunday at Umm Al-Maradim Island a giant turtle that was rescued at Sabiyyah power station by the Kuwaiti scuba diving team on July 5.

The 55-year-old turtle is 85 centimeter long, and was the seventh turtle rescued by KSC, said head of KSC’s scuba team and the marine ecosystem department Talal Al-Sarhan.

It was hard for the team to rescue the turtle which was trapped in one of the power tanks and for turbines to be shut, an official order must be issued, so scuba team used special techniques to deal with the operating turbines to save it, he said.

The turtle, which had wounds on its back and head, was treated by Dr. Salem Al-Hindi, who put it under a special treatment and diet two weeks ago after taking the blood samples needed, he added.

As for the location of which the turtle was released at, Al-Sarhan said that Umm Al-Maradim Island was the most suitable for the turtle.

Talal AlSarhan



What have I done to deserve this!


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Chicken Noodles

You will need….

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I saw her pictures on AlRai Newspaper last Tuesday! They are still haunting me! Will someone tell them that this is DRAGQUEENS‘ makeup! And while you’re at it…. some fashion tips won’t hurt! THEY NEED’EM!!!!



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