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Beef Soba

*250 gm soba noodles
*2 cloves of garlic, crushed
*2 tbsp vegetable oil
*4-6 tbsp soy sauce
*3-4 tbsp teryaki sauce
*1 tbs corn flour
*1/2 – 1 wasabi powder
*1/2 kilo shaved meat (beef stroganoff cut)
*Your choice of veggies (I used handful of shredded zucchini and the same amount of shredded carrots, shallots, 6 sliced brown mushrooms)
*Handful of cashews
*Seasonings : salt, pepper blend, coriander


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Marina Whale Shark – Rescued?

Marina Mall Whale Shark

I just got an SMS from a friend saying that Marina Mall whale shark is being tied with a robe and taken out on a special net to move him back to the sea outside the marina! Thats great, but can anyone confirm?

UPDATE I (1:15PM):

One of my friends is there and she said they are still trying.


Rashisha was there and sent me this picture. Sharky is saved 😀

Whale Shark Rescue

Korean Parliament Fight!

I hope we do not witness such fights in our parliament!


Crash Diets

I read this interesting article LIVESTRONG.COM and wanted to share it with you all 🙂 Since its summer time and a lot of people I know are looking into crash diets! This is a good read 😉

5 Things You Need to Know About Crash Diets

1. Dieting No-Nos

Regardless of how much you want to lose weight and how fast you want that weight loss to occur, you should never put your health at risk by dieting. While some crash diets may help you to detoxify your body and lose weight in the process, others are extremely dangerous. It is best to avoid any diet which restricts your vitamin and mineral intake, for example diets which recommend only one or two types of foods. Diets that limit calories below 1,500 a day or that simply make you feel bad are not a good idea.

2. Drink Your Way to Weight Loss

Juice fasting may have a bad rap, but it is simply because many people do not know how to perform a fast correctly. The truth is that a juice fast can help to detoxify your system and help speed weight loss. To perform a juice fast, consume as much fresh pulp-free fruit and vegetable juice as necessary to satisfy hunger; however, do not fast longer than 7 days without doctor supervision, as your body will need to replenish its protein stores after 7 to 10 days. Don’t abuse a juice fast either, limiting the diet to no more than 10 days in a 30-day period.

3. Super Soups and Salads

One of the best crash diets out there simply replaces your regular meals with hearty soups and salads. Healthy soups and salads prepared with a variety of fresh vegetables and whole grains and garnished with low-fat dressings ensure that you body gets all of the vitamins and minerals it needs while eliminating unhealthy fats and aiding in weight loss. Remember that vegetables are far lower in calories, so you may need to eat more than usual to feel satisfied; however, feel confident in your diet as everything you are ingesting is good for your body.

4. Taking Things One Meal at a Time

If you are looking to lose just a few extra pounds, replacing 1 meal a day with a weight loss supplement is a fantastic crash diet. There are a multitude of meal replacement powders and pre-made drinks which are full of vitamins and minerals, supporting your heath during your diet. Remember that for meal replacement to work, you must supplement your daily diet with 2 well rounded and healthy meals.

5. Just Say No to the Yo-Yo

Remember that a crash diet must be performed in a healthy manner to show long-term results. Avoid cutting back too much on calories for any period of time, as it can effect your metabolism and actually cause you to gain weight faster. Consider crash diets as a healthy aid to permanent weight loss, and supplement occasional dieting with a regularly healthy diet, exercise and a positive attitude.


Peach Fuzz… A New Trend?

I have seen some bloggers posting pictures of famous celebrities with new hair style… or hair”less” styles!! Shaving the sides, undersides, whole head! I mean I spent almost KD35 on shampoo and hair products yesterday at the Avenues! So whats the deal really? Those celebrities are defining a new “less is more” when it comes to hair! Just when I started growing my hair longer… last year my hair was short bob… and I decided to give that classic hairstyle an edge, having the left side cut shorter than the right…. and even then some people thought it was kinda daring!

So lets see some pictures now! Shall we?!

Here is Solange Knowles

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America’s Worst Mall Foods!

Check out America’s worst mall food! The article talks about the worst mall food and also suggest a dish from the same restaurant to replace it. We have some of those in Kuwait! Some of those picks have really lots of fat and loaded with calories! Take for example;

Worst Chinese Meal: Panda Express’s Orange Chicken (500 calories)

Panda Express

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Another FOOD Post @ Chez Nous!

This is one of my random posts with home cooking (food) pictures! Thursday was off, and I was up at around 7:00am! And since the cooking mood is still on the “on” button, we prepared another breakfast 😉 The same day, around 8:00pm… some family and friends showed up.. and we had “mini dinner” with them!

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Signor Sassi^2

My friend just came back from London and got the chance to meet the owner of Signor Sassi while having lunch there! He told her that they are opening TWO branches and NOT ONE! Yes TWO 😉 The one at 360 Mall is their 2nd location! Can you guess location # 1?

Chocolate & Macaroon

A couple of weeks back I was shopping like crazy with my cousin… We kinda did the “shop till you drop” thingy! When we were done along with bank account and credit card damage, my cousin suggested we pass by Chocolate & Macaroon for dinner. My sister joined us for dinner… it was GOOD!

Chocolate & Macaroon

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Simple Life Pleasures

I read about this somewhere (I just cant remember where :-S)… and tried to think of what gives my life pleasure and doesn’t cost much… or nothing at all?

The rules –

The cost of your pleasure must be under KD5 (under $20).

Think of five. If you find more than five, you can list those too as bonuses, if you want.

Here are mine:

  1. My dad humming tunes! I know he’s happy and it makes me happy.
  2. When my mom gives me a no reason hug! Although I am not that kind of -no reason hugs- person, it just gives me butterflies… specially when I can feel and hear her heart beat!
  3. When I find money notes in a jacket that I have not worn since last winter.
  4. The appreciation look on someone’s face when I do something for them, which includes cooking.
  5. Seeing my sisters happy and smiling… it leaves me at peace 🙂

Bonus: The smell of fresh baked bread out of the oven…. Or coffee!! Good aromatic coffee hmmmmm. Ice cream and froyo melting in my mouth! Oh yummm!!!! Or when I try some sort of any dish and the taste exceeds my expecations!

I like the sound of waves… heartbeats! Ahhh it makes me happy!

When I look around just to find myself surrounded by family and/or friends! And the last one…. is when I goof around with my nephews; to the point where I forget that I am in public!