Chili’s Paradise Pie – SizzleLESS

Chili's Paradise Pie

Ever since Chili’s changed the presentation of their Paradise Pie, it just does not feel the same 😦 I liked it much better when it was served in the sizzling pan! Don’t you agree?

11 responses to “Chili’s Paradise Pie – SizzleLESS

  1. I have never tried it, but it looks good 😛

  2. SHakhbarey Chili’s !
    ba3dain mino y7aley there 😛 wayed amakin ta7leya bel kuwait bas ham ana agol el taghyeer zain 🙂 bel3afya

  3. majarrabta
    o bsebbat l diet matwaqqa3 bajarba soon hehehe

    bs kel shy gam yt’3ayar
    l ma6a3m 7atta l fries ‘3ayeroh
    o qalelaw l quantity o el quality of food 3ashan yrb7on 5arda zyada
    so la test’3rbain

  4. It looks better than the one I tried to make at home 🙂
    Long time Chili’s 🙂 ‘7bri fee ayam elshabab :p

  5. I didn’t know they change it to normal plate 😦

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