The Bowl Room VIP Lounge

OK so as promised…. here I am posting pictures of the VIP lounge of the Bowl Room at 360 Mall. I have to admit the place is so cool! I am so looking forward to reserve it one day and have fun with my friends! The interior is funky with hanging chairs and round booths… four bowling allies/lanes, a bar, and a pool table…

VIP - Bowl Room - 360 Mall

VIP - Bowl Room - 360 Mall

VIP - Bowl Room - 360 Mall

VIP - Bowl Room - 360 Mall

VIP - Bowl Room - 360 Mall

VIP - Bowl Room - 360 Mall

VIP - Bowl Room - 360 Mall

VIP - Bowl Room - 360 Mall

VIP - Bowl Room - 360 Mall

All in all… the place is awesome and I look forward for the official opening! On our way out I grabbed a cookie…

VIP - Bowl Room - 360 Mall

or two πŸ˜›


38 responses to “The Bowl Room VIP Lounge

  1. do you have any idea how much it cost to book that room?

  2. This place really looks the business ! Its like getting your own funky private lounge with everything you need…The chairs look great ! I can see this being a BIG hit !

  3. Looks great. I can imagine fun nights out with the girls here….

    Thanks for sharing. πŸ˜‰

  4. Looks great! Can’t wait to go and check it out.

  5. 9ej ennee ma3arf al3b bowling bs shaklee bt3allam hehehe
    ashwa enna greeb men baitnaa l mall

  6. amazing interiors! how were the cookies btw?;p

  7. Futuristic/ZEXY/ApproveD !

  8. Laish white ?
    theyr gonna get really dirty

  9. white ! You’ll know that its always kept clean:p

  10. thats a coool place

  11. Wow – really really cool! I can’t wait to see it live.

    I found out its a Danish interior designer called Claus Boman who did the initial design of The Bowl Room – even the name and concept he came up with while working for some small Bangkok design office in Thailand. The managers of the design company steered into some financial problems and laid off half the office including Claus, so he wasn’t there for the final detailing and implementation. However even without his final touch, it seem to come out very promising!

    Apparently he did a very cool bowling alley in Bangkok as well for SF Strike Bowl.

    Looking forward to see more from this guy – as I’m told he designed houses, corporate offices and loads of shopping malls throughout Asia as well.

    Found his website here – thus seems to miss an update.


  12. Your welsome ansam518… Any other cool stuff comming in 360?

  13. Nice… Thanks for the great pics.

  14. Wait so the VIP room is like..
    You reserve it for yourself and your friends? and it has a bowling place, billiardo o madro shno all together?

    And anyone knows the prices for that place yet?

  15. 1 hour:

    1-10 ppl: 100kd
    11-20ppl: 180kd
    21-32 ppl: 240kd

    3 hours for over 30ppl with discount: 510kd

    these are approximate prices, meet Mishaal Al Roomi the Bowling Consultant at the center for more info

  16. Yes im positive, its from the center

  17. Wow.. too much.. x.x
    Inzain what about normal prices mo lazem private, mo wayh private e7na. πŸ˜›

  18. The normal price per game is KD3 per person.

    Billiards KD3 per hour

    HOWEVER memberships for juniors and seniors are available and they are amazing.

    Honestly, the place is very modern, high tech and high class. Im sure its budget was hugeeee. So for me, when i see the center, i cant complain about the price, especially the amazing VIP room

  19. Still I think it’s too much, I mean..
    Same games that you can play much much MUCH cheaper, but due to plastic surgery, you got to pay loads? that’s too much I guess.
    Billiards? I pay 500 fils per hour, doesn’t look good but I’m playing the exact same game.
    Bowling? not sure how much it is since I never played it.

    VIP room is so unreasonable, it rocks? maybe.. but c’mon if it was 10 people for 50 k.ds I’d go hmm.. yeah maybe.. but I still wouldn’t rent it!

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