Ops! I Did It Again

Right after work, I went to Edo for lunch… hmmm or linner!


The place was empty… nice & quiet 😉


I tried those two appetizers… “Suli’s” recommendation! YUMMMM!

Fried Oysters + Prime Roll

And of course I also had Salmon Usuzukuri and Kyoto… I did not take pictures of those, but you can find’em in previous posts if you click here & here…. And to end this yummy meal… there is nothing better than ice cream, a scoop of black sesame and a scoop of green tea ice cream!

Green Tea & Black Sesame Ice Cream - Edo

Edo is located in Shaab and their tel is 2265-9590

18 responses to “Ops! I Did It Again

  1. and why didn’t you try the yellow tail octopus, or you like your rolls sweet?

  2. im immune to your delicious posts now for at least a week… 😛

    my stomach feels like a fish tank from all that salmon, tuna, prawns and crab that i devoured yesterday at fusion. not to mention those lovely beef rolls with tirayaki sauce.

    for those interested : 5 KD set menu (with salad and soup too) give you a combination of approx. 30 pieces sushi, maki (and some other types that i still dont know what they are called but NOM them anyway).

    • LOL no you are not… I will not stop the food reviews and pics ha ha haa!!

      3alaikom bel3afia 🙂

      Are you talking about Fusion – Salmiya or Fusion – Gulf Rd?

  3. Yummy…is that the prime roll I see? 🙂 You have to stop this! Now I’m really dying for Edo!

    Q80thug, are you talking about the Fusion in Galleria 2000, or somewhere else? Last time I was in Kuwait I thought I saw another place called Fusion on the Gulf Road but I’m not sure. Because if you’re talking about the one in Galleria, that’s a really good deal (because they’re usually quite expensive)!

  4. i have to go there.. so u say this is ur favorite Japanese restaurant in kuwait ?

  5. yummy !! im starving.. so what are ur top recommendations at Edo ?

    btw any idea where fusion is located in kuwait ?

    • Kyoto, Jazz, Crispy 😉 My three favorite rolls there… I also recommend salmon sashimi and salmon usuzukuri. Which fusion are you asking about?

  6. Guess what? I was there after work as well only 2 tables were there plus us. I had Kyoto (I like it) and Jazz rolls.

    Do you know they stop serving some of there items such as EDO crispy rolls?

    Bel 3afiya and Enjoy 🙂

    • I love both, Kyoto and Jazz 🙂 Bel3afiaaa o alla ye3afeek.

      About crispy, they did not stop… they are out of ingredients, thats all

  7. I almost forgot about Edo.

    Thx, Ansam, to your older post, I went two days back with my 2 sons.

    At the worst time of year for sushi in Kuwait, it offered us the best sushi/sashimi in Kuwait I had since the Kai-Ten in Fanar lost its Japanese chef.

  8. it was fusion gulf road, fusion relocated to the second floor clearing the place for a third restaurant (something signor).

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