Facebook & Privacy

As received 😉

FACEBOOK has agreed to let third party advertisers use your posted pictures WITHOUT your permission. Click on SETTINGS up at the top where you see the Log out link. Select Privacy. Then select NEWSFEEDS and WALL. Next select the tab that reads FACEBOOK ADS. There is a drop down box, select NO ONE. Then SAVE your changes. (REPOST to let your friends know!)


When I did it few days back I did not get any pop-out messages… but according to almost all comments here, this is a hoax 😉


12 responses to “Facebook & Privacy

  1. when i clicked on the facebook ads tab i got this:


  2. hey dear i did what you said and then got a pop up message saying that i should have heard the rumer about the profile picture posting… they got the whole story about the issue in their blog


  3. i just did ur steps and it turned out to be just a rumor.. its not true m facebook wont take pictures.. check this link


  4. awwal ma sawwait hal steps 6ela3lee box maktob feeh enna kel shy esha3a,, anyway ana 6abbaqt na9ee7tch mayndara 3n’hom

    thanx wayed

  5. This popped out when I pressed on FACEBOOK ADS

    Worried about privacy? Your photos are safe.
    There have been misleading rumors recently about the use of your photos in ads. Don’t believe them. These rumors were related to third-party applications, and not ads shown by Facebook. Get the whole story at the Facebook Blog, or check out the Help Center.

    I guess it’s a rumor after all.

  6. Thank you all for the updates 😉

  7. thanks for the tip anyway =)

  8. Heh… Facebook got that coming to them. You keep abusing people’s profiles, rumors will spread, and I personally will take them for granted 🙂

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