Marina Whale Shark – Rescued?

Marina Mall Whale Shark

I just got an SMS from a friend saying that Marina Mall whale shark is being tied with a robe and taken out on a special net to move him back to the sea outside the marina! Thats great, but can anyone confirm?

UPDATE I (1:15PM):

One of my friends is there and she said they are still trying.


Rashisha was there and sent me this picture. Sharky is saved πŸ˜€

Whale Shark Rescue

12 responses to “Marina Whale Shark – Rescued?

  1. oh so that’s the whale someone talking about

  2. Wow … R the still trying? I wanted to go last weekend but I thouhgt they already rescued it as no news on daily papers!

  3. The whale was rescued about 30 minutes ago it took 9 hours and more than 15 men

  4. why do i have to be out of kuwait for major events :/

  5. wow, now that’s Huge

  6. this blog has been twitted

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