Korean Parliament Fight!

I hope we do not witness such fights in our parliament!


13 responses to “Korean Parliament Fight!

  1. These guys are always having brawls !The opposition were trying to block a law allowing newspapers and private co’s owning TV stations. I guess they were losing the vote so they used more “traditional” tactics..probably got the idea from TV…:)

  2. That guy in 0:29 had to use some of his hidden animal instincts to get his point across!

    He cracked me up!

    At least it is way better than threatening to use steel projectiles here… 🙂

  3. Didn’t something similar happen in our parliment? Something about throwing glasses or something?


    I was going to post it but its too nasty ahahaahahhaha

    i love her voice, AHHHH AHHH !! then there’s the CAT guy, OHHHH i love him !

  5. LOL…and the people around aren’t too worried about it either…this obviously happens all the time.

  6. With all these aliens in our parliment, its bound to happen then :p

  7. thats petty fight … if you wanna fight in the assembly , fight like Indians ..

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