Beef Soba

*250 gm soba noodles
*2 cloves of garlic, crushed
*2 tbsp vegetable oil
*4-6 tbsp soy sauce
*3-4 tbsp teryaki sauce
*1 tbs corn flour
*1/2 – 1 wasabi powder
*1/2 kilo shaved meat (beef stroganoff cut)
*Your choice of veggies (I used handful of shredded zucchini and the same amount of shredded carrots, shallots, 6 sliced brown mushrooms)
*Handful of cashews
*Seasonings : salt, pepper blend, coriander


*Cook soba noodles according to the direction on the package.

*In a bowl, mix half the soy sauce you have with corn flour, garlic, and wasabi. Add beef and seasoning… set aside.
*In a saucepan, heat oil and add in the vegetables and the remaining soy sauce. Add cashews, lower the heat and cover.

*In another saucepan cook the meat on med heat. When fully cooked add to the veggies mixture.

*In a deeper saucepan or pot (or wok) mix the noodles with the beef and veggies. Add teryaki. Mix well.
Beef Soba

*Serve hot 😉
Beef Soba
*Optional* You may wanna add sweet chili sauce to the veggies while cooking 😉

Ansam’s Kitchen

10 responses to “Beef Soba

  1. me likey

  2. I wish one of those things are invented: where you can grab the bowl through the screen!! I want :p

  3. I knew it !

    i knew you wouldn’t stop making delicious posts in workdays/day time so i came prepared.

    im packing with me to work my home made crumbled white cheddar burger with sour dough bread. beat that ! 😛

    p.s. : want teh recipe ?! 😀

  4. no problem:

    i bought everything from TSC:

    ingredients make 5 patties

    1/2 kilo of ground beef,lean %75 (i tend to think that about a third of the burger should be fat but TSC sells ground beef with %85 and %95 meat content, choose wisely)

    one medium red onion

    one tea spoon of garlic past

    a chunk of white cheddar (packet sold is approx. 1/4 kilo. take a quarter of it (~ 50 grams)

    olive oil


    sour dough sliced toast (a new product by the Kuwait mill company)

    i used one of those hand blender instead of a food processor so that i get nice small chunks of onion and cheddar, some people make a fuss of actually seeing some onion chunks in their burger but i say: meh. luckily we keep a jar of garlic paste in the fridge but if your using fresh garlic you need a processor or a mortar and pestle. put the mix of onions cheddar and garlic with the meat and season well. to make the patties i used a simple trick using a something that im sure is available in every home: a biyala ! (estekana plate). bear in mind that burger shrink when cooked so using a biyala will ultimately make mini (ish) burgers. i used one of the old biyalas we had which had a deep bottom and used the olive oil to help with scooping out the patty after the shaping and your all done just fire the rill and start BBQing ! stick them in the bread and enjoy.

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