Simple Life Pleasures

I read about this somewhere (I just cant remember where :-S)… and tried to think of what gives my life pleasure and doesn’t cost much… or nothing at all?

The rules –

The cost of your pleasure must be under KD5 (under $20).

Think of five. If you find more than five, you can list those too as bonuses, if you want.

Here are mine:

  1. My dad humming tunes! I know he’s happy and it makes me happy.
  2. When my mom gives me a no reason hug! Although I am not that kind of -no reason hugs- person, it just gives me butterflies… specially when I can feel and hear her heart beat!
  3. When I find money notes inย a jacket that I have not worn since last winter.
  4. The appreciation look on someone’s face when I do something for them, which includes cooking.
  5. Seeing my sisters happy and smiling… it leaves me at peaceย ๐Ÿ™‚

Bonus: The smell of fresh baked bread out of the oven…. Or coffee!! Good aromatic coffee hmmmmm. Ice cream and froyo melting in my mouth! Oh yummm!!!! Or when I try some sort of any dish and the taste exceeds my expecations!

I like the sound of waves… heartbeats! Ahhh it makes me happy!

When I look around just to find myself surrounded by family and/or friends! And the last one…. is when I goof around with my nephews;ย to the point where Iย forget that I am in public!

13 responses to “Simple Life Pleasures

  1. 1. my 5 yrs old daughter hugging me.
    2. teasing my sons and having a laugh together and when i see them do something that makes me feel proud.
    3. helping someone in need and as u said the appreciation look.
    4. the hug and kiss from someone u r in love with after being away for a long time. and that long time could be only one day.
    5. Sitting by the sea alone taking photographs of the sunset listening to the sound of waves and birds. ( i hope the price of the camera does not count :p)
    i agree with u about the smell of the coffee and fresh bread.
    and last but not least to make ur day:
    reading ansam’s blog and finding a delicious recipe.

  2. I agree with the finding money in the coat thing ! ;p

  3. Count ur blessings swthrt and u wil realize life is beautiful! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. 1. the sound of the morning bird
    2. my mother calling me the nickname i like
    3. sand, and the first chills of water when you start dripping yourself in the sea to swim.
    4. silence in its time.
    5. the moment of realization of something new.

    two others: like you, when my father sings, and the other is taken for granted: rain!


  5. i was thinking about these things a while ago.. n my list consists of things that cost less then 1 dinar..

    like walking into a bakery n hummm the smell that hits u..

    fresh cut grass..

    the company of ur good frinds.. or close family

    reading a really funny joke !

    cold water on a summer day

    the sound of the sea

    getting a soulder massage from ur brother..

    gosh my brain is stuck! i cnt remmeber wt else i wrote! hehehe

  6. Ansam, it was me! June 30, 2008!

    I would add the smell of the sea, and the sound of roaring, crashing waves.

  7. Love the post Ansam!
    Why don’t you migrate the old posts to your new website? Its easier to keep track of them that way tra ๐Ÿ™‚

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