Signor Sassi^2

My friend just came back from London and got the chance to meet the owner of Signor Sassi while having lunch there! He told her that they are opening TWO branches and NOT ONE! Yes TWO 😉 The one at 360 Mall is their 2nd location! Can you guess location # 1?

9 responses to “Signor Sassi^2

  1. Ya avenues (most likely) ya olympia 😀

  2. Yeah where Fusion used to be next to Fish Market. Its owned by Americana.

  3. the first location is by fish market by kuwait tower.

  4. Aaaaaaah i can’t guess ;P the strip by al-seef ?! madre ??

  5. u know when i was in london last may , we meet an indain businessman , once he noticed that we are from kuwait he told us that he will be in kuwait to start a project or new mall called Majed Mall !! i am not sure if he is right or no

  6. I have never been to Signor Sassi..look forward to trying it when it opens here..I’m guessing its Italian food ?

  7. Yes, its Italian and it will open on Gulf Road next to Kuwait Towers 😀

  8. so I guess your friend is my friend…cuz she told me the same over coffee this weekend ;P

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