Chocolate & Macaroon

A couple of weeks back I was shopping like crazy with my cousin… We kinda did the “shop till you drop” thingy! When we were done along with bank account and credit card damage, my cousin suggested we pass by Chocolate & Macaroon for dinner. My sister joined us for dinner… it was GOOD!

Chocolate & Macaroon

The place was packed, but we managed to get a table for us three 😉


For appetizers, we shared the mini burgers (bambinas)

Chocolate & Macaroon Bambinas

Just to give you an idea of their size

Bambina next to BlackBerry

I had spaghetti bolognese… really good 🙂 Portion was perfect!

C&M Spaghetti Bolognese

My sister ordered this dish (I think it was called London Pasta) which consists of pasta, sausages, and creamy sauce + cheese

C&M London Pasta


And my cousin ordered Club Sandwich…

C&M Club Sandwich

All of our orders were amazing… specially those tiny bambinas! AWESOME! You can enjoy a full meal or just go there for coffee and dessert…. mainly Macaroons, which comes in many flavors!


The place is located on the ground floor of Arraya Shopping Center in Kuwait City, and their telephone number is 2299-7919. They also have two other locations (Arjan – Bedaa, and Discovery Mall)

18 responses to “Chocolate & Macaroon

  1. discovery mall ? open?

  2. yi3t ;p yummmmmmmmmm abe aro7 ilbidi3 il7eeeeen ;p

  3. Cr8ivia : long time ago !!!

  4. Allay.. a7esa soo cool!

  5. ya allah the fod looks sinfully yummy!!

    bel 3fyaaa !!

  6. bl3afyaa!
    athker awal ma b6elaw jarrab 3nd’hom chocolate pasta or something like that..allah ezeeeed l n3ma
    bs shakly bajarrb wajbat’hom

    • Alla ye3afeech. Their dessert can be over filling. The chocolate pizza was a killer and they also have chocolate ravioli! I did not try the pasta thing you mentioned :-S

  7. al.staff >> to7fa :p

  8. I tried chocolate pizza, I never finish it alone. I tried it with my brother, the two of us couldn’t finish it. I tried it with my brother and sister and finally we could finish one slice! thigeeeeeeelaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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  10. its really very good…….

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