Well Done Kuwait Scuba Team!

I love it when I read such news in Kuwait!

Kuwait Scientific Club (KSC) released Sunday at Umm Al-Maradim Island a giant turtle that was rescued at Sabiyyah power station by the Kuwaiti scuba diving team on July 5.

The 55-year-old turtle is 85 centimeter long, and was the seventh turtle rescued by KSC, said head of KSC’s scuba team and the marine ecosystem department Talal Al-Sarhan.

It was hard for the team to rescue the turtle which was trapped in one of the power tanks and for turbines to be shut, an official order must be issued, so scuba team used special techniques to deal with the operating turbines to save it, he said.

The turtle, which had wounds on its back and head, was treated by Dr. Salem Al-Hindi, who put it under a special treatment and diet two weeks ago after taking the blood samples needed, he added.

As for the location of which the turtle was released at, Al-Sarhan said that Umm Al-Maradim Island was the most suitable for the turtle.

Talal AlSarhan


5 responses to “Well Done Kuwait Scuba Team!

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  2. WELL DONE KUWAIT SCUBA TEAM! I’m happy to see the efforts

  3. Good job ๐Ÿ™‚

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