What have I done to deserve this!


My friend came by last Friday with a BIG box from Chocolateness I had one before I went to my cousin’s house for dinner! Yes… thats right, before dinner!! Come on you guys! Its the best molten cake in town!!


just to find SOME MORE Chocolateness there!! YES I had another one at my cousin’s house!! 😛

Me Eating The Best Molten Cake In Town


To order, call 9990-6890. You can also join their facebook group by clicking here!

30 responses to “Chocolateness!

  1. Ansam, do i have to order one day before?

    i hate you for posting this RIGHT NOW at this time of the day… 😦

    “sweet deprived”

  2. looks heavenly… mmmmmm

  3. bel 3fya!
    wow shkla e9y7 mn kther maho latheh!

  4. sej 7ada yummy. 6albna 3 days in a row 😛

  5. mathigtay my sister’s molten ;p

  6. Thank you very much Ansam for your support and your great great post 😉 .. we are happy to read and see this beautiful blog talking about Chocolateness, we are glad and honored 🙂 .. this nice post makes us more active and encouraging us to do more positive efforts in order to develop our products and services…

    Thanks again, best luck enshallah:)

  7. 3aaaaaaaaaaaaa !!

    abiiii 😥

  8. WOOOWWWW Ansam! Why do you do this to me?? I will order NOW loooooooooooool 😉

  9. peachy n some

    oh wow they are making my tastebuds scream already!
    I was determined today would be the day i start to cut down..LOL yeah right!!

    As I am in the mood for a makeover and a bit of pampering and girly stuff…please can you share your fave salons or do a feature thanks.

    • LOL Yeah start another day and treat yourself to those heavenly molten cakes! As for the salons I will think of something inshalla 😉

  10. Wow! everyone in town is talking about this molten cake! i HAVE to order soon 😉
    when must i order to have it? do they deliver same day? and how much do they cost?

  11. Ansam i order it 2 times, it’s very very very delicious, specially melted choclate.
    wooooooooooow i wish i have it now

  12. Aby arid liq88888888 – NOW ! uuuuuh ME WANT

  13. I need heaven lol. adorable..I love moltens especially dark dark dark ..thanks somii

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