Akinator, The Web Genius

Interesting link

Akinator is capable of guessing who you are thinking about by asking you some questions!


I tried it with different characters and it worked (Believe it or not I tried Sheikh Jaber too, and he guessed it right). It does not work all the time obviously, but you can add the character that Akinator guessed wrong in the data base!

Try it, click here!



14 responses to “Akinator, The Web Genius

  1. Tried it with Abdullah Ruwaishid on my mind, and surprisingly his answer was Abdullah Ruwaishid !

  2. Don’t you just love him…?!

    I tried Halima Boland…I tried the lamp from Pixar, I tried the black smoke from Lost…I tried the Akinator himself…!

    He’s a genius! 😛

    • 7adda yebayeth el wayh huh!? And my oh my! He knows Halima too!! And black smoke? LOL I love your picks

  3. Lol thats fun! he got one right and one wrong 😛

  4. LOL!!!! I thought of Jacques Chirac and he got it right! but after he went through all the European Countries ;p When he asked is he French I said Yes then he guessed him right.
    I did it a second time and he got it wrong. I thought of Monica Belucci ;p

  5. Huge database, and whoever created it wanted to have a lazy life so he made it to be updated by the users who get him wrong, hehe.
    I got him wrong many times.
    But that’s like 2%, the remaining 98% were right.

  6. I won from the first time 😉 I was thinking of Amelia Earhart. He guessed Jackie Kennedy. I guess he goes to the very famous figures first.

  7. wat he dos is he starts of with a person and asks a question linking 2 them. if u say something that has something 2 do with that character, he gets more people that hav the same link an d so on and ect…

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