iPod Record!

“Ansam!! You’ve broken the record for having all your iPods free”…. Thats what my sister said when I flashed my new iPod nano at her!  Well, technically I got all my iPods for free! Lets go back in time, shall we?

First one I got was from my best friend…. she was vacationing in the States and thought of getting it for me..

Second iPod was a farewell gift from my coworkers!

Third one I got (and blogged about) was a gift for my birthday last May….

And the last one I got TODAY was from Buzberry Guys!

iPod nano

Very photogenic… isn’t it???

Buzberry Green

And its Buzberry green 😀

iPod nano

iPod nano

Nabyl! Kiss that nano’s heinie! Its mine, not yours X-P HA HA HAA

12 responses to “iPod Record!

  1. one for the car, one for the gym and 2 for the home 😉

    • I already gave the shuffle to my lil nephew, my other nephew is looking into taking one! I will be left with the iPod Touch and nano 😉

  2. bel3afya 😀

  3. Do you use them ?
    if u don’t, so it’s better to send me one for my sister’s bday ;D
    3laich bel3afya 🙂

    • LOL my lil nephew took the shuffle last weekend and he is so happy! I am left with three… I think my other nephew is eying one of them too! hahahaha and now you!! 😛

  4. wala 3ajeeb khosh loun!

  5. sorry sweety, i’am not into kissing heinies 🙂
    this will not remain yours if i see you walking around with it…accidents happen you know…
    an unidentified person snatched an iPod nano from ansam’s hands (leaving her in tears) !!!

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