Little Chili Tree

Last November in a Bazaar at FIVE60 I bought my mom a little chili tree! I am not a big fan of spicy food, but my mom is! And she loved it.. As soon as we got home they planted it outdoors! The tree bloomed and they tried the chilis at home! I did not…

I woke up one day and I was like… What the hey! Let me just go get those chilis and cook something spicy with them! So as I walked to my car… I snapped a pic of that little tree!

Little Chili Tree

I kept thinking of recipes all day at work! Maybe I will just mix’em in a marinade or make pickles.. or maybe cook spicy chicken in the oven, or fried spicy noodles! You name it… It was the VERY SAME DAY that I got home and found the tree chili-LESS!!!!

Chilis GONE

Where did they disappear to! WHAT HAPPENED! I asked the driver who was out by the tree… he goes: “the cook wanted them”…. I go to the cook, who played dumb, and she denies it at first and then it got all confusing to me! Everyone kept blaming the other for it and it bugged me!!

Okay!!! True! I do not like chilis but I have set high hopes! I even had some recipes to mix chili with chocolates for God’s sake!! Something like the lindt chocolates I tried before…

Hot Pralines

or this one

Lindt Chili and Sea Salt

Why am I upset!! Its because I had really high hopes!! Very HIGH hopes in cooking something different!!! Now how long will it take for those chilis to come back!

12 responses to “Little Chili Tree

  1. 3ad ma khallaw wala chiliayaya!??!?

    eshda3wa ya 7afeth?! inzain what did they do with them?!?!?!?!?!?!!!

    Etsadgeen i have seen so many successful vegetaion and planting in Kuwait… my husbands family used to have a mango tree , grape tree, banana tree, and grapes!

    My grandma used to have a grape vine with grapes and the most beautiful rose bush for years!!!

    and now u have the chili tree!

    So i guess it is possible to plant things!!!!

    • Wala wa7da 😦
      Apparently the cook felt like having spicy food for the carpenters we have at home (and HER of course, I am sure)!!! Whatta reason to give!

      And yeah! Its possible πŸ˜‰

  2. Thought of chili ice cream? Had some at Wagamama’s once. Was pretty good.

  3. This would have never happened if you were more scary …….

  4. chili chocolate?
    how does it taste?!! @@

  5. i have to try lindt chili chocolate!!

    kel ma ythee3 shy blbait l kel ylom l thanee 3aadeee

    • Yeah give it a try! Yummmm
      Bes el moshkila inna they kept throwing it at each other! Its their tactic for me to give up!! and I did!!

  6. I’m crazy about CHILI !
    Lo ana mkanej chan zna6t elcoook!
    i always have my own portion of chili for lunch and i get utterly upset if it’s not there!

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