I SCREAM For Ice Cream

This is just a random post of ice cream pictures that I have…. so if you are not interested, skip this post! There is nothing but pictures of ice cream and one liners 😉

Now this is one of my favorite…. Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (try the Half Baked too YUMM)! Love the dough chunks in it hmmm and I just ate half of this…


Baskin Robbins – LOVE IT! ❤ Pralines, Cookie Dough, Gold Medal Ribbons, Jamoca…. ahhhh you name it!


The “must haves” at any freezer



Hmmmmm KDD Rocket…. half eaten 😛

KDD Rocket

Ohhhhh! And that one from Gelato Italiano! Coconut and Chocolate… trying to imitate Bounty 😉

Gelato Italiano Choc Coco

And my love…. soft ice cream 😀 I always make the trip to Shuwaikh’s KDD branch, just to get my soft ice cream! YUMMMM its one of the best soft Ice Creams guys and you have to order it swirl (choco and vanilla)




And from my previous post, Black Sesame Ice Cream & Green Tea Ice Cream

Black Sesame

Green Tea Ice Cream

And I was lately introduced to Mr. Baker Lollies 😉MrBaker Popsicles

Chocolate and Macaroons too…. Ice cream with macaroons!! Now I’ve seen this pic again… it was my friend’s order… but of course… I had a couple of bites 😉

Choc & Mac

And if you’re ever in Athens (or Greece)…. You have to HAVE TO try the Kaimaki mastic ice cream

ohhhh I cant find a pic, but found a picture of the store….


Speaking of “mastic”… how about some Arabian BOOOZAAA???


And the last but not the least… Faloodeh and Saffron ice cream 😉

Faloodeh & Saffron

31 responses to “I SCREAM For Ice Cream

  1. mcdonalds has the best soft icecream. they need to get the oreo mcflurry fusion here though.

    • I love it too… I dont have a picture of it though! And I love their McFlurry and Mix n’ Muddle… though I dont think they sell the Mix n’ Muddle in all branches, do they?

  2. ooooooohhhhh girl i am in heaven just looking at all the ice cream pictures!! i am off to go buy gelato! cant wait

  3. i love ice cream! its my fav dessert !
    so looking at those pix was like heaven!
    accept i dont like the arabic 1.. AT ALL!!

    ufff abi hagen daz now!

  4. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE icecream!

    Luv Luv Luv!

    “Cold Stone” should be at the top of the list!

    akthar wa7da ta7amisat lama 3araft ina eb yefta7 o ley youmich ma re7t el avenues!

  5. yummmmmmmmmmmmy!!!
    I’m craving ice cream right now 😀

  6. I have to say though … Coild Stone Creamery in teh Avenue is not as good as the one in the states 😦 Not all flavours are there and the fridge is kept too cold so the ice cream is not as creamy as it should be 😦
    I was dissapointed

  7. Eeeee i know 😦
    I just got my Starbucks Frappachino 😉 so that will do for now till i get my gelato after work
    PS: I had Bakers Yogurt Gelato at 3am yesterday LOL Can u TELL I AM ADDICTED GIRL!!!

    • Me no like Starbucks frapps! You know that 😛
      I can totally relate! I wanna have ice cream for breakfast LOL

  8. On weekends …My breakfast is Gelato LOL 😉

  9. stuck at work

    you have to try ikea’s vanilla soft icecream it is amazing sooo creamy and yummy 😉

    • I tried Ikea’s! KDD’s soft ice cream is better 😉 Take it from me hehehe

      if it wasnt for the fact that it melts, I would have brought it to you here 😛

  10. You rock girl, Chocolate, Ice cream anything that has sugar is the BEST! Ben & Jerry’s is khokho, eheheh I would finish the whole box in no time.

    • cookie dough ice cream YUMMMM! I finished the pint yesterday! LOL but hid the rest in a secret place at home!

  11. I miss ikea’s old soft ice cream :`(

    the new one is horrible!

  12. I just had coldstone 2daay and my throat is killing me , i love kdd soft serve icecream!

  13. WOW … Bel 3afiya
    We just had ice cream day at work last Monday. It was from Haagen-Dazes, we bought strawberry cheesecake, chocolate chips, and mango sorbet.
    We still have some leftovers which we are enjoying almost every day since Monday 😛

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