Bang Bang!

Our house has been full of workers…. carpenters, plumers, painters, and more! We are finishing on some unfinished parts that we left when we moved in… and remodeling some other parts! Its been exhausting but also interesting! I have been going to Shuwaikh a lot… as well as Salmiya, Dajeej, and God knows where else! I really wanna post before and after pictures… but I dont wanna spoil it all now…
For example… this is a picture an old dining table we got from my grandma! Its like what!?! over 20 years old…

Dining Table (before)

and now it looks totally different! I will post pictures once its all done šŸ˜‰

The below picture is of “something” used in the remodeling process….

Part of the Remodeling

and thats part of the process… yeah! ok!! So I made it in Sepia and B&W for you to think fo the colored version šŸ˜›


And that another room that we usually gather in with our friends… we have not been able to have any get together(s) due to the mess and remodeling! We had to move things out… all of the glasses, plates, and more….


Plates, Glasses, & More

Our basement area turned into a workshop for carpentry!!!

Basement Mess

Another view

A Closer Look

More Mess

Stay tuned on this subject šŸ˜‰ Cant wait to post the pictures! This weekend maybe?! We’ll see about that šŸ˜‰

10 responses to “Bang Bang!

  1. Post a picture of Nabeel the plumbing guy we hear a lot about him at work…

  2. bedlam at it’s best ……

  3. I like the black chandelier

  4. it’s worth the wait, isn’t it?

  5. Mashallaaaa wayed 7elo el chandelier weya alwan el 6waf !! .. 3alaiko bel 3afia šŸ˜›

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