Another Trip to Crimson Garden

So yeah! I went to the same restaurant today and had lunch there too!! Big deal! I am craving Persian food these days like crazy.

Crimson Garden

Well, the thing is that I have so many things to do in Shuwaikh area these days and I see myself going there for lunch. This time I took the risk and ordered something new…. Fesenjan!!


Fesenjan is a thick chicken tart stew made of pomegranate juice and crushed walnuts! First time I tried it was at a friend house and it was homemade and tastes so good (better than the one at Crimson Garden) and instantly fell in love with it.
I also ordered Zereshk rice, which I thought comes with barberis only… but it came with nuts too. I would recommend this stew with plain or saffron rice for your taste buds to enjoy the taste and not have lots of things mixed!


After I was done with my meal… I felt like sleeping right then and there, specially that I ordered doogh for my drink…


And of course… my one-must-stop at Shuwaikh…. KDD

KDD Shuwaikh

to get my daily fix… yeah, I SCREAM for ICE CREAM!

KDD Soft Ice Cream

17 responses to “Another Trip to Crimson Garden

  1. I didn’t know they had ice cream, I thought it was just popsicles, and stuff you find wrapped in fridges :O

    • Oh they do… and whenever I am in Shuwaikh, I make that stop at KDD to get my soft ice cream hehehe! If it was TOO crowded I’d go for other places like Rawda or Qadsiya…

      A couple of days ago I went there and the machine was down, I was like LAISHHHH the sales guy ekhtara3 LOL

  2. Never been a big fan of crimson garden …. only tried it the once when they opened ……

    • Shahrayar (of Sheraton) is my best in town πŸ™‚
      Have you tried Naz? like/hate it?

  3. I always thought fasanjoon meant eggplants?

    Mako eggplants bel mawthoo3 kilish???

    Butootee just adores 3esh zereshk!!! o he loves theirs in particular πŸ˜€

    o ham il waraq 3nab ilee braq style, the one with debs o sugar… if u give me one million KD i will not eat it -i prefer my waraq 3nab the normal lebanese way-

    3ad today, like, 3 hours ago, he goes “ahhh wedi akil akil irani…wedi crimson garden!!!” fa i told him “ansam went to it twice yesterday and today!!!!”

    • No eggplants πŸ˜‰
      I did not try that dish you mentioned! I like the Lebanese way too! but for a million, I would eat it… .with a BIG smile ba3ad πŸ˜›

      Hahahaha and maybe again today?! πŸ˜› kidding

  4. Welak wala twadeen mashala;P

  5. Hmmm Yummmmm!

    Can I have directions to both please? πŸ˜€

    • Crimson Garden is in Phase I – Avenues upper floor and opposite side of New Look (if I am not mistaken)

      Totally Fish, two locations
      1. Marina Crescent on the right side when facing the marina
      2. Avenues Phase II – outside by the fountain

  6. …. Fesenjan estaqfaralaah !!

  7. I haven’t tried this place yet… I think I will take a break from my temporary motherhood and give it a try soon!

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